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ADC Solutions

Advanced Data Capture Solutions (ADC Solutions) is the RFID and Barcode solutions provider based in UAE. We provide solutions in the Middle East, Africa and India. ADC‘s approach to quality, commitment, process improvement, project management and solution building ensures consistency and enhanced customer satisfaction. We are a team of technocrats who are highly experienced in AIDC solutions with the skill sets and expertise across the technologies used to provide innovative solutions. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and we are flexible in engagements to suit individual customer requirements. We abide to deliver the return on investments to our clients on time. Our strengths reflects on the solutions we deliver.

Mission : To be the prime provider of AIDC solutions.

Vision : Creating future solutions of AIDC.

Automatic identification and data capture refers to automatic identification and capturing of that data directly into computer systems without human involvement. Technologies used by us includes barcodes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) & Near Field Communication (NFC).

Our solutions are cross platform compatible, easy to use and easily accessible. They are built with world class security features which inturn protects clients data from vulnerabilities. We provide cloud based solutions in the AIDC world. Cloud based solutions globalize the resources, reduces capital costs involved in the process & reduces spend on IT infrastructure. We support to the max through our updates and support. Tracking is made easy with ADC solution's various solutions. Elemental components like Barcode/RFID/NFC supports tracking.

ADC Fixed Asset Management

Spiffy Auditing

The spiffiest channel to manage your fixed assets. Barcode/RFID/NFC tags that are bound to your valuables keeps track of their locations, lifespan, status, availability etc.

> Easy to maintain & use.

> NFC, RFID & Barcode are elemental.

> Users and roles management.

> Tracking on masters - location,

    category & employee.

> Discovery on asset details.

> Dashboard with snapshot of asset info.


ADC File Sifting

Effortless Exploration

The uncomplicated approach to track/sift your files and documents out of a pile. Barcode/RFID/NFC fastened to the files and folders aids in sifting them more efficiently.

> Dashboard with snapshot of file info.

> NFC, RFID & Barcode are elemental.

> Easy sifting out from racks.

> Tracking on file details - custodian

    & location.

> User-defined workflow & approval



ADC Mobile Asset Management

Easiest Exire Maneuver

Process of issuance made easy for rental utilization of assets which in turn minimizes the loss or damage caused during the wheel of life.

> Improved visibility of mobile assets.

> Improved asset tracking across

    multiple facilities.

> Reduce loss or damage of goods while

    in transit.

> Reductions in theft and improvements

    in rental utilization.

Bespoke RFID and Barcode Solutions

You'll love us for it

Our customized AIDC Solutions on Enterprise Mobile platforms serves industries to smooth transition to Turn key projects.

> Easy to maintain & use.

> NFC / RFID / Barcode integrated.

> Users and roles management.

> Tracking on user defined masters.

> User defined dashboards.

> Fixed reader / Hand-held device


Contact Us

ADC Solutions,
Building : Y, Office # 6,
SAIF Zone,
Sharjah, UAE,
P.O. Box # 121300.
P +971 65315305.
F +971 65315304.

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